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Colorado Dry Ice Blasting is an ECO FRIENDLY, gentle means to clean surfaces for delicate finishes, electronic and electrical parts as well as the food and beverage industries.

In the Food & Beverage industries using Dry Ice Blasting is THE GREEN and Environmentally Safe means of cleaning, approved the FDA, EPA and USDA. Ovens, stoves, floors, walls, ceilings, hoods, processing equipment, refrigeration equipment, walk-in coolers, bake-off trays, packaging and preparation areas and equipment can all benefit by being cleaned in place with the Dry Ice Blasting method by Lightning Mobile Inc.

Hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, schools and other public type buildings all have areas and equipment that could best be cleaned using our safe and effective methods of Dry Ice Blasting.

In the Electrical and Electronic industries Dry Ice Blasting is the perfect method to clean and restore electrical parts, panels, generators, coils, armatures, transformers, semi-conductors, printed circuit boards, cable trays, motors, starters, switch gear, turbines, insulators and control panels.

This is a dry cleaning method that leaves no residue! No residual blasting media has to be disposed of and no solvents or chemicals are needed. Since this is a “dry” cleaning method as opposed to a “wet” one, it is a great means of cleaning switch boards and all types of electrical and electronic parts and components.

Dry Ice Blasting is a gentle, virtually non-abrasive means to clean compared to most all otherm7 methods of “blasting” clean a surface.

Many times there is no dismantling needed, no having to move the equipment from where it exists as this leaves no residue and is safe around the food and beverage industries.

The image to the right you see us restoring a smoke-damaged wooden surface back to its natural appearance and smoke-damage and smell free.

Dry ice is produced from liquid carbon dioxide. Inside a dry ice pelletizer, the liquid carbon dioxide is expanded under controlled conditions to form dry ice snow. This snow is then pressed through an extruder plate into round, hard pellets (elongated grains with a diameter of 3 mm or 1.7 mm according to the used extruder plate) for dry ice blasting purposes or into larger pellets/dry ice slices/blocks for cooling purposes. Dry ice has a temperature of approx. -79 °C.

The Dry Ice Blasting machine accelerates with compressed air the dry ice pellets to a speed of approx. 300 m/s. The pellets hit the object to be cleaned. The surface is shock-frozen in a fraction of a second. Due to the sudden thermo shock generated on the surface to be cleaned, the coating/dirt contracts, becomes brittle and cracks. Due to the cracking of the surface, the pellets can reach under the dirt and remove it. The additional kinetic energy removes the coating/dirt from the surface. Immediately after impact, the pellet sublimates and goes back to atmosphere as a pure gas (CO2) without leaving any moisture behind. The only thing left is the coating/dirt removed from the surface and no blasting media has to be disposed of. Since the hardness of the pellets is only approx. 2 Mohs, the cleaning is virtually non-abrasive, and the surface quality is maintained.

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